About KWS Creations

Katie Woodburn-Simmonds, founder of KWS Creations

This gal is Katie

The KWS behind KWS Creations and the geeky face that gets all hot under the collar when it comes to helping people shine in the digital space.

I’m all about rebuilding your website so it:

  • Drives conversions
  • Looks great
  • Runs faster
  • Ranks better on Google

Which frees you up to focus on running your online business.

A Long Story Made Short(er)

Way back in 2018, the seed of an idea took root: to ditch the grind and become a digital nomad. And so my digital entrepreneur journey started with content marketing.

With no coding experience, I built my first WordPress website using a page builder. It was easy to use and the site looked great. But, it wasn’t performing well enough to support me full time. It needed to be better and I could see that the technical SEO was holding me back – that easy page builder was now my downfall.

So it was time to get out the color-coded notebooks, study up and rebuild the site from scratch. Well over 100 articles had to be torn down and rebuilt with a custom theme that was faster, prettier, and would rank better.

And you know what? It worked! In just over a month my sessions increased 300%. This wasn’t just empty calories either – over the next 3 months, my income also jumped to 13x it’s previous level.

Screenshot from Google Analytics of Sessions increase following website redesign
Tracking those sessions after the website redesign

This was where the intersection of SEO and web development really smacked me in the face. Without changing a single word of content, I skyrocketed my rankings, views, and conversions. And so a stats-based geeky obsession with web design and SEO was born.

They say if you want to hide a dead body, you should put it on the second page of Google. So why are you hiding your amazing business back there?

Unleashing the full potential of your online business is what I strive for. You’re amazing, and the world needs to see that.

Meet the Team

Currently, there are two halfs (well, it’s more an 80/20 split) to the KWS Creations team. Katie is your go-to for SEO, technical support, making your design pop, strategizing the best way to promote your business, and for a good dose of cheerleading. If you want conversion-driven words with lashings of your personality, Matt’s your copywriting man.

Portrait of Katie Woodburn-Simmonds

Katie Woodburn-Simmonds

Katie’s obsession for web development didn’t follow the most traditional route. It started as burn out from working 70+ hour weeks in Operations in the hospitality industry. Making things as smooth and easy for other people’s businesses came with a high price. So something had to give.

A seemingly simple idea for a content marketing niche site snowballed into a full-blown SEO obsession.

But there was still a niggle that things could be better. So Katie trained as a full stack web developer and took matters into her own hands. The result has been life changing.

Now it’s time to spread the love and super charge your online business too.

See how Katie can help you with:

Matt Woodburn-Simmonds

Matt is the other half to the KWS Creations team and *probably* the only other Woodburn-Simmonds in the world (but if you’re another one, you’re instantly hired!)

As a Sommelier at Michelin starred restaurants, Matt learned he had a gift for turning mundane bottles of wine into engaging stories. And that selling doesn’t have to be sleazy, it can be fun for everyone. So, he took that passion and turned it into words. A LOT of words. 

Some of those words have even been featured in Forbes, Business Insider and the Huffington Post, to name but a few.

Matt’s copywriting expertise lies where story-telling and sales collide.

See how Matt can help you with:

Portrait of Matt Woodburn-Simmonds

How we Work

At KWS Creations, we do things a little differently than most web developers and SEO specialists out there:

We throw out all the tech-bro, ‘secret sauce’ BS so you can stop feeling stressed about the technical side of being a digital business owner and get back to doing what you do best.

AI who?

Real businesses have very real stories that a computer can never truly understand or convey. So all of our copywriting is 100% written by a human (with a little sprinkling of Grammarly ‘cos we professionals).

We say no to hustle culture by making your website the hardest working part of your business that runs on autopilot. So you can drink that coffee whilst it’s still hot and take time for self care*

(*drinking wine whilst binge watching Netflix in your PJs)

As massive introverts, we understand the value of having the information you need and having the space to make decisions in a pressure-free environment. That’s why all our pricing information is up-front and available for you to see. You can cherry pick the services you want and leave behind the rest. (Just head over here to get a quote.)

Once you have an idea of what you want, we will get on a 30 minute call to discuss your project so we can put together a detailed proposal for you.

Then it’s go-time baby.

P.S. Keen to get started and want to jump straight to the consultation phase? Simply book a call here.

So, Are You Ready to Elevate your Digital Business?

Now you know all about KWS Creations, we want to get to know you. And, more specifically, how we can make your business and website look better, perform better, and make you more money.

So, check out our detailed pricing information and let’s get the ball rolling.

Not ready yet? That’s cool, we can still be friends:

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