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Project Launched: May 2022

Portfolio Showcase: Home Coffee Expert - Website Redesign

Home Coffee Expert is an educational coffee website on a mission to demystify the world of coffee. With years of barista experience, they spill the (coffee) beans on how to make the best cup of joe at home through hands-on reviews and no-nonsense guides.

They are passionate about promoting ethical coffee brands that ensure the farmers and environment are looked after as carefully as the coffee beans. Their vision is to promote more sustainable coffee choices by encouraging coffee drinkers to ask all the right questions.

The Ask

Project Overview

We were contacted by Home Coffee Expert as their existing site was running slowly and was struggling to rank on Google. As an informational and affiliate marketing website, this meant they were losing money every month as a direct result of their website build.

So, the goal was to completely re-brand and re-design their existing website from the ground up. They wanted an instantly recognizable brand, easy user interface, and to improve site speed for better SEO results.

The Design

Custom Web Design

We were given the creative freedom to design an impactful website for Home Coffee Expert. To do so, we incorporated fun graphics and bold colors throughout allowing them to stand out from the crowd and quickly convey their educational content. The design kept a modern, minimalist look with strong creative flair.

Screenshot of Home Coffee Expert's homepage, web design project by KWS Creations

The Development

Bespoke Web Development

As content marketing is the main source of income for Home Coffee Expert, this website was built on WordPress. As a highly user-friendly platform, this will allow their team to easily add new content on a regular basis.

To do so, we created a completely custom WordPress theme that is built for speed. With reusable patterns to suit their content needs, they are fully equipped to keep their site updated.

We were also asked to create a WordPress plugin for calculating coffee-to-water ratios. Since launch, this has received numerous backlinks due to it’s unique and user-friendly interface.

Screenshot of custom calculator plugin developed for Home Coffee Expert by KWS Creations

The Results

SEO Strategy

We implemented a number of strategies and provided SEO training for ongoing success. Since the re-launch, their income has skyrocketed and they now rank for over 7500 keywords (was less than 1500 prior to working together).

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